1/04/2011 .

Just came back from OGL camp.
whole person like nua.

Anw update of my life :

21st dec- Clique x'mas celebration + roslin's birthday.

Cooked dinner for the clique - fried rice + shrimp soup !
i can be part time housewife/maid alr.
lazy to elab, more on fb.

Everytime i see this picture, it makes me feel like drooling !!!!!!!!

Thanks girls for the all the happy times we've spent together as a clique .
W/o u girls, i guess my jc life will be nothing.

God, i thank u for this awesome bunch of people :)

30th Dec CG annual gathering
Past /present CG members gather tgt !
x'mas exchange, spent a good $13+ to buy smth really meaningful !
Food there was like awesome .
People there are like awesome maxxxxxxxxxx.

22nd Dec - 31st Dec
Worked in Petopia for a good 8 days.
walk dogs, pick shit, clean pee,prepare food,feed dogs,play with dogs, bathe dogs, groom dogs, spa dogs, comb dogs.
Thats all i have to do for my job.
i can say i really enjoyed this job.
interest + slack job = BEST JOB EVER :D

31st Dec
Last day of work. felt damn sad and sian.
Surprise from boss, shiok dinner at seafood restaurant,midnight movie.
Reached home at about 3am.
Really love my colleagues.

Fell in love with certain breeds !!!

#1 Huskies !!!
2 huskies in the centre-Hugo & Tango, both bigger than me i think.
Arm almost split when one of them tugged me so hard to chase a cat .
Hugo have cool eyes !!!! -1 blue 1 brown.
Like chio only.

#2 Toy Poodles !!
At least got 4 poodles in the centre, 1 black ,1 dark brown, 1 brown and 1 white.
Machiam look like soft toys.
Sorry i'm too lazy to upload the pictures.

#3 Jap Spitz
So white so pure so chio can !!!

But i really hate bulldogs and pugs and JRTs now.

dog Pictures, Images and Photos

Earned a few hundreds, like shiok only.
Don't even want to stop working and go to school :(
People there are also like awesome max, as bonded as my softball girls !!

Anw going johor shopping tmr with Softies !
cool shitz