7/20/2010 .

I know i may be just one of them amongst the millions and trillions .
I know i may not be significant enough to stand out.

But im not giving up on that hope.

The tiny little hope that someday,
you'll realise that it's been me all along.

7/19/2010 .

Hopefully ABC accepts our GPP this time round.
2 times meeting till 12am =draining.

I love school is because of my friends especially my clique.
don't look foward to sch at all w/o them :(

Scary to know that some people whom u don't even know talks about u.

7/18/2010 .

Sometimes i really want to kill myself why did i put jc as my 1st choice.

PW is enough to kill me alr, not to say my mountain of homework called MT.infinite.

Completed my mission .
somehow i don't know why i am actually quite sad.

Hi stickys this is the right time for u to cheer me up :)

but overall i'm glad i made the right decision.
Jesus i know that nothing bad will come out from this shit i created.


Hi is back :D

previous posts are all in another blog. BWAHAHA.