11/17/2010 .

Crashed JJC today !
went all the way to boon lay from tampines. sit until my butt wanna rot.
had so much fun that day !
was raining so heavily and my whole feet was soaked in water.

Planned to go to SP to look for Qiuying but in the end met up at woodlands.
bought presents and shopped around :)
love to meet up with besties :D
SP and maybe NYJC and PJC next time :D

Should i create a tumblr and delete this blog? :/

11/09/2010 .

Quite some time since i updated this little space of mine.
Went to the dog bakery and Upetgamart on deepavali :)
awesome shitz

Bought him breadbone !

Ok so we bought quite alot of stuffs, spent about $100+
got a shampoo that smell like shit in lucky draw.
I thought we spent quite alot but, ...
the woman behind me spent $500+ and this guy behind her spent $1670.20 OMG CAN U BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!! it's like wtf = an average salary/month.
okay. PW is finally going to be over soon.
kinda miss pw cos i really dun wanna go back to studying :/
anw this sweet is some awesome stuffz.
must try :D

IKR. i really love my dog :)

11/02/2010 .

My fav DS game nintendogs is spoilt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
whole r4 was screwed up.
games like harvest moon pokemon rayman rabbits ++++ all gone T.T

Anw there's a teacher in my school who really looked like Mr Mario.
cute can ~~~~~

why do i always see people whom i don't want to see but don't get to see people who can easily brighten up my day?

11/01/2010 .

Screwed chinese As today.

Dinner with TP050 :)
Sometimes i really regret why i didn't worked hard for what i want when i was younger...hmmmmm

"Lord, i pray for wisdom to sort my priorities in life.''