yummmm :9
10/31/2010 .

Became a cavewoman today.
stayed at home the whole day and settled breakfast and lunch all by myself.
Cooked lunch myself -Macaroni with cheese + bacon and egg.
Looks abit digusting but it's nice okay :D

Chinese As is tmr and i didn't really prepare for it.
i don't know why i'll always screw the paper that i'm well-prepared for.
Ironic much.

Cant wait for chinese paper to end. Chinese used to be the best subject i scored well in in Secondary sch but i don't know why i hated it in Jc.

Oh OP's on next monday.
pray for me thanks.

A for peeeeeedaaaaaaburliewwwwwww :(

10/28/2010 .

Sometimes, i keep saying FML.
but i've learnt to count my blessings.

Jesus, i know you will turn things around for me (:

injection :(
10/27/2010 .

Had my tetanus injection for OBS today.
hadn't had an injection since primary 6.
stupid receptionist told me i don't have to get an injection.
scam my feelings :/

Got my promos results.
quite happy for my results esp Econs :D
all my hard work has paid off.

But so what if i got promoted?
i want all my friends to stay by my side :(

10/22/2010 .

Cuttee!!! :D Pictures, Images and Photos

Today is graduation day for the J2s.
w/o the J2s , i don't have any motivation to come to school alr hahaha.
i don't want next year to come :(
i want to be a j1 (:

It still seems like yst when i just entered tpjc and get to know my OGmates.
time really flies.

10/21/2010 .

can sort of break relationships between grp members because of some disagreements,
but also can strengthen relationships as ppl work together as a team for the project.

Group crisis can sometimes be good and sometimes be bad.
not directed at anyone k.

like serious only.
If only this haze + the cool weather from Genting.
that would be so awesome (:

10/18/2010 .

Bored people are happy people :)
i hate chinese .

socks ahhh
10/16/2010 .

Blogging virus is back and i've decided to revive + open my blog .

Yesterday's op training was really awesome and did a mini presentation that really scare me out.
thought i could successfully present my part but in the end still screw it up D:
was really proud of my slides design !!!!!!! :DDDDDDD
i swear the trainer was damn gay .
but i like :)
actually i think that gays are pretty nice people haha <3

Church's concert after that , awesome :)
super tiring .
and awkward.

Slept for a whole 12 hrs today , shiok !!! \m/
didn't have anything to do and it will be really crazy to mug for chinese haha

oh during evening, my 4 yr old neighbour went out with us for dinner.
my parents left her under my care for a moment and just nice, she wanted to pee.
surprisingly she don't know how to use the toilet bowl and i was like wtf omg holy shit crap.

After that went to jog with Socks and family :)
Socks is getting fatter !!!!
peng san after 1.5 rounds.
like cute only.
saw 4 dogs today <3
2 minis in the morning , 2 giants in the evening.
socks hates other dogs and doesn't let other dogs smell his asssss.
i really wish he could be abit more friendlier.

10/14/2010 .

Okay i know this is like quite long ago, but ya i received 2 stitches for my birthday this year.
It's like i have a total of 4 stitch soft toys alr.

Hmmm not that i don't like it but i don't want any stitch soft toys anymore :(

There's alot of stitch stuff but i'm super lazy to take it all out haha.

thanks everyone anw ;)

Okay i don't have a life. Straight after promos i've chionged my pw like ...holy... and i'm so sick and tired of pw that it's the 1st thing i'll think of when i wake up and the last thing i'll think of before i go to bed. Seriously. i hate pw.

Hmmm Socks' fur is super long and my very boliao mum went to cut Sock's fringe. i was like " walao mummy u don't so boliao can anot ! leave it for the groomer lahh walao.."

I swear i was like some irritating bitch down there persuading my mum not to do anything.

Until when i went home after school,

surprisingly , my mum did a good job cutting Sock's 'hair' HAHAHAHHA


It's not very perfect but it's super cute ! suit Socks' face can :D and look at his paws too ! my mum's doing too ^^
Like nice only right haha !

10/12/2010 .

pw sucks.

I cannot find my monopolehhh deal my clique gave me :( :( :( :( :(
why am i so blur to lose. it. in. my. house.

super excited for this friday's church concert !
i don't have a proper dress :(
someone donate to me please haha

10/10/2010 .

Today is 101010
went out with yz and ros .
no mood to shop or anything cos we received some really really bad/sad news.

Life's so fragile.

10/09/2010 .

Nothing really happened today.
Woke up at 12, walked my dog, bathed him, used the com, eat, watch tv, eat again, and fb-ed.
This is my standard weekend life.
sometimes i really love 7-11 for making my meals so convenient.

Tmr's 101010 :)
next year there's 111111.

10/08/2010 .

but i have pw meetings on sunday , monday , tuesday and wednesday.
Chinese As in <1month's time.
how to enjoy life like that u tell me.

Went to cg today !
and i got lost in marine parade, spent 1+ hr finding how to get to melissa's house.
asked 4 different strangers for directions, all 4 gave me 4 different directions (Y)
1st time so brave yet still kinda screwed my life up .
After walking like 45mins , finally decided to WALK to parkway parade.
legs super suan now :(
luckily praise God the J1s from Vj just finished their open house and we met and we went for cg tgt !
Though we reached there at 9pm+ , still receive quite alot okay :)
went to have supper with them and took bus with cheryl all the way to amk .
and i realised............

Why is the world so small?! :(

10/07/2010 .

Finished Math paper today :D
Bio paper tmr and that marks the end of my promo exams !
Hopefully i will pass promo criteria.

Taking chinese As in less than a month , it's really like wtf i just finished my Os ?
time really flies .

10/02/2010 .

Long time since i've updated. this shall be my personal space then , since i doubt anyone will come here :)

Life has been super sucky for me.
Drowned my notes and spilled bubble tea yst, promos, mum threatening me to give Socks away should i not train him properly , annoying people, and all those crap.
ugh. but i thank God for some things really. I've been quite lucky these days. Those who know will know what i'm referring to :)
I know i don't really deserve all those stuff but yea.... just thank God for it.

Promos is in 2days' time .
super draining.
cant wait for promos to end, oh wait.
Alevels D:

And i have decided. should i fail my promos *touch wood*
i will go to a poly instead .
i'm still blaming myself why did i even put one random choice - tpjc ,above all my other poly courses.